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Welcome to the system help section. Lots of the features of the system are common to the different types of user, however, to make things easier to understand a different section of the system help has been created to explain the features and views available to each type of user. Click on the menu on the left to see the instructions which apply to you.

Below is a list of items which apply to all users these are reproduced within each user section.

User Account - Your Login
A user account is created for each user on the system.  This consists of your email address and a password which is allocated by the system. If you forget your password you can enter the email address into the 'forgot password' feature in the login area, the system will send your password to your email address.
User Account - Access Rights
When you are allocated a login the system administrator sets your access rights to the system based on the type of user you are. The system tailors the views you see so that unnecessary features are hidden and only the interfaces you require to use the system are made available.